Jul 292013

This online English spoken lesson is about the fluency machine, tongue twister. For developing your spoken fluency as well as solving problems of mumbling & stammering, this online English spoken lesson plays a significant role.


activity finder tongue twis English spoken lessons with examples for BD   Lesson 6 (Tongue Twisters for Fluency)

500+ Tongue Twisters for your Fluency

(2nd 50 Tongue Twisters)

How much pot, could a pot roast roast, if a pot roast could roast pot.

How much wood could Chuck Woods’ woodchuck chuck, if Chuck Woods’ woodchuck could and would chuck wood? If Chuck Woods’ woodchuck could and would chuck wood, how much wood could and would Chuck Woods’ woodchuck chuck? Chuck Woods’ woodchuck would chuck, he would, as much as he could, and chuck as much wood as any woodchuck would, if a woodchuck could and would chuck wood.

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