Nov 212013

How to make conversation?

This  English spoken lesson is about how to make conversation.For developing your spoken fluency as well as communication skill, this online English spoken lesson plays a significant role.Learning spoken English is now a fascination for the students of Bangladesh.

 How to make conversation?Staying at a Hotel


Tourist          :    Good Morning. Have you any room vacant?

Receptionist :    Yes, Sir Double or Single?

Tourist          :    I want one double.

Receptionist  :    I have a double room on the 2nd floor.

Tourist          :    Oh! But I want to have one one the ground floor or the first floor.

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Jul 162013

English spoken lessons through online as well as free is an amusing gift for any second language learner. Spoken English is now-a-days a very important and badly needed skill in corporate life and personal life to keep pace with this competitive job market. People are now very busy with their works and personal life so they cannot manage time. Especially this online English spoken course is for them. They can learn and get instructions about learning English spoken in any place at any time through my online English spoken lesson. This course is intended with the objectives of helping you to reap the benefits of power of speech.

Online english spoken lessons Online english spoken lessons with examples for Bangladesh

Online English spoken lessons

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