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This no. 4 recent cue card is about Photograph.Now a days,photograph as an ielts cue card is seen frequently.Let’s start the cue card with some questions and solution.


Which one is your favorite photograph?

A photograph holds the document and truth of a particular moment. That’s why photographs are vital issues, keeping records of time, events and generations. Even the cave people used to keep documents through various drawings. And now, at the present era of science and technology, this whole affair has flourished like magic!

The first photographer whom I met in my life is my father. He is a superb photographer, although he doesn’t have any academic knowledge in this sector. He used to use an Asahi Pentax (k1000) camera, and he has captured my whole childhood through that in a very loving and charming way. Among all his beautiful shots, the one that is my special favorite is a picture of me, my mother and my elder brother. I was only two and half months old then. I was being taken for my first vaccination. Just before going out of the house, my father took this snap. In it, I was in my mother’s lap, and my brother was holding her shoulder from behind. My mother gave this enigmatic look towards the camera! In the soft morning light both my mother and my brother looking very happy and pretty, and me, simply oblivious about whatever was happening, as I was just a child!

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