Nov 212013

How to make conversation?

This  English spoken lesson is about how to make conversation.For developing your spoken fluency as well as communication skill, this online English spoken lesson plays a significant role.Learning spoken English is now a fascination for the students of Bangladesh.

 How to make conversation?Staying at a Hotel


Tourist          :    Good Morning. Have you any room vacant?

Receptionist :    Yes, Sir Double or Single?

Tourist          :    I want one double.

Receptionist  :    I have a double room on the 2nd floor.

Tourist          :    Oh! But I want to have one one the ground floor or the first floor.

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Nov 212013

English Spoken Lesson and Easy Tips for BD and Asian Student

This online English spoken lesson and easy tips for BD and Asian Student is about introducing yourself. For developing your English spoken fluency as well as solving problems of mumbling & stammering, this online English spoken lesson plays a significant role.Learning spoken English is now a fascination for the students of Bangladesh.This online English spoken lesson will help to present yourself in front of the audience perfectly.

Tell 100 Sentences About Yourself

(Part – 1)

1) Name: My full name is _____. You can call me _____.
2) Home district: The name of my home district is _____. It’s famous for _____. I love my home district very much because it is a place of natural beauty and tranquility.
3) Residence: I have been living in Dhaka since my birth / for….. years. It’s the capital city of Bangladesh.
4) Educational Background: I’ve graduated from ______ University in the Dept. of _____. Before that, I did my pre schooling and schooling from ______ School and college from ______.

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Nov 072013

Grammar Tips


This grammar tips are about subject verb agreement which are very important to make right sentence. For developing your spoken accuracy as well as solving problems of sentence building,this online grammar lesson plays a significant role.

Subject – Verb – Agreement is the system how verb is used after subject.

  • She is my teacher.
  • They are my friends.english grammar tips Grammar Shortcut Tips for BD students


There is ‘singular verb’ after ‘singular subject’

  • Shahed learns English
  • They learn English
  • A baby is crying
  • The babies are crying.

‘Plural verb’ should be used after ‘plural verb’

  • My friend was present in the meeting.
  • My friends were present in the meeting.


Singular subjects take ‘plural verb’ if they are connected by ‘And’

  • Shahed and Sabbir  are good friends.
  • Shamim and Zeba help each other.

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Nov 052013

Recent Cue Card (Part 3)

Recent cue cards (Part 3) are for the candidates of recent IELTS exam. In this article,you will get more 50 cue cards which are important for your exam.Usually my viewers, you look for recent cue card and get it now and then and sometimes page error; especially the websites of Bangladesh.

Cue Card# 51: Describe your feeling about a traffic jam you faced.eeer 300x225 Important Cue Cards in upcoming IELTS Speaking Test of Bangladesh

You should say:

Where it happened

When it occurred

How it happened

And explain what you felt during the traffic jam.

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Oct 082013

Free Best Presentation Tips for Public Speaking

Self Presentation is very important for any formal exam or place.That’s why sabbirsenglishworld is providing this tips for you to create a very first better information.This free presentation tips will make you smarter than before.It will also help you in public speaking.

A Very Common Question of Interview


To introduce myself, at first I want to talk about my personal commercial. I am sincere; responsible about my work. I am trustworthy, down to earth, dedicated and extroverted. Sir, if you combine all these qualities you will get a name that is …………..I love to interact with people and making connectivity. Because I believe Connectivity is the Productivity.

images Free Best Presentation Tips for Public Speaking

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