Nov 052013

Recent Cue Cards (Part 4)


Describe a film about a real person or event that you have watched.ielts speaking tips 297x300 Recent Cue Cards in Bangladesh

You should say:

when (and where) you saw this film

what person or event the film was about

what happened in the film

and explain how you felt about (or, explain your opinion of) this film.



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Nov 042013

Recent Cue Cards in Bangladesh blue curly cue card p137483721263852678bf3b5 4001 300x300 Recent IELTS Speaking Cue Cards for BD

Recent cue cards  are essential for the candidates of recent IELTS exam. Usually my viewers, you look for recent cue cards and get it now and then and sometimes page error; especially the websites of Bangladesh. But sabbirsenglishworld provides authentic recent cue cards in Bangladesh.

You should say:

What type of book it is/was

Who the write of the book is

What message the book conveys

And explain what you think/thought of the book.


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Sep 092013

This no. 2 recent cue card is about Clothes. Now a days,Cloths as an ielts cue card is seen frequently and also needed to make conversation.Let’s start the cue card with some questions and solution.

cue card ielts Recent cue cards in Bangladesh with solution 02


     What kind of clothing do you like?

Clothes come as the second point among the five basic human needs. Human beings wear clothes mainly to cover-up their bodies, then comes the issues of style or fashion or comfort.

I personally like a wide range of outfits for girls, the first two names are ‘saree’ and ‘jeans-kurtas’, but I prefer to wear salwar-kameeze most of the time.

     Why do you prefer such clothing?

Although I am perfectly comfortable in my favorite clothes, but they have some sort of hazards, sarees are not very transport-friendly, and jeans-kurtas are not an official outfit, so inappropriate for various places. So I choose to wear salwar-kameeze most of the time. It is accepted everywhere, so I prefer it more just because of professionalism.

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Sep 082013

Recent cue cards are necessary for the interviewees of recent IELTS exam. sabbirsenglishworld initiates recent cue cards with free solution. Let’s start first recent cue card with solution.

Future plan

     What is your future plan?

= the term Future Plan refers to something that a person wants to do in his future, either for his personal advantage, or for greater good of the society. It can also work adversely; someone can plan to do harmful things in future out of his rage over someone or something.

My future plan is to do some good for my society. The way I want to serve my society is by installing an old-age home. This is my future plan.

cue cards Recent cue cards in Bangladesh with solution 01

     Why did you choose this?

= when I look around in this present time, I see that the adult generation is somehow losing the values of respecting their elders. It is resulting to moral decay and mechanical lifestyle of this generation. They consider their parents as a burden, and to get rid of them they send them to old-age homes. They seem oblivious to the fact that these parents are the reasons behind their present position, their very existence on this earth. Moreover, when someone is devoid of the blessings and guidance of some elder people, his/ her life becomes directionless. But they still have no headache, and the practice of this inhuman behavior is rather increasing day-by-day.
Although I literally abhor the thought of anyone’s parents living a less human life in an old-age home, still, when this is breaking through the society like an epidemic, so the society also needs a great support on this issue. That’s why, to help these unfortunate parents and to provide them with proper care and facilities, I want to build an old-age home.

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