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Recent cue cards in Bangladesh with solution

Recent cue cards are imperative for the interviewees of recent IELTS exam. Usually my viewers, you look for recent cue cards and get it now and then and sometimes page error; especially the websites of Bangladesh. But sabbirsenglishworld initiates recent cue cards with free solution. Let’s distinguish some recent cue cards in Bangladesh with solution.

band Recent Cue Cards in Bangladesh (with free solution)


1.An Equipment that you use in your everyday life

By the word, equipment we generally get the idea of various articles or gadgets that we use quite a lot in our day to day life. In my life, I also use a number of electronic equipments, but the object that is indispensable part of my life is my cell phone. It’s a Nokia 2690 hand set. In this era of smart phone and I-phone. I use quite a simple set, and frankly speaking, I’m content with it. I’ve been using it for 4 years, and so far it has never given me any serious technical trouble. The main function of my phone is to contact with my family members and friends. But I also use it for various other purposes. I’m literally addicted to music, and my phone provides me the greatest help to listen to songs all the while. I also use its recorder to record different songs. I generally browse internet through my phone. And while I’m studying, if I need to know the meaning of any word, I instantly open the dictionary that I’ve installed in my phone, makes my studies a lot easier. The memory card holds valuable pictures and documents which is really very close to my heart. Thus my phone serves me with various purposes, and last but not the least, my phone is also a good paper-weight sometimes! Continue reading »

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