Nov 142013

Phonetics Easy Tips for BD Students

(Consonant Sounds)

This phonetics lesson is about sounds for the students of Bangladesh as well as Asian. This phonetics lesson will help you to utter BBC standard pronunciation.Read the Passage Loudly.

phonetics2 300x221 Phonetics Easy Tips for BD Students

Read the Passage Loudly


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Pronunciation Guidelines


page • pain • paint • paper • parallel • parcel • part • past • paste • payment • peace • pen • pencil • person • physical • picture • pig • pin • pipe • place • plane • plant • plate • play • please • pleasure • plough/plow • pocket • point • poison • polish • political • poor • porter • position • possible • pot • potato • powder • power • present • price • print • prison • private • probable • process • produce • profit • property • prose • protest • public • pull • pump • punishment • purpose • push • put

Poly put purple paint in the pool.

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