Nov 232013

Best Pronunciation Tips

This phonetics lesson is about stress. This phonetics lesson will help you to utter BBC standard pronunciation.This pronunciation tips will help you to understand BBC, CNN and IELTS Speaking.


Stress: Stress means an extra force used when pronouncing a particular word or syllable. Stress can be divided into two:

     1. Word stress        2. Sentence stress

        What is word Stress: When a word has more then are syllable one of them in pronounced with more force the rest. This force is regarded as word stress.

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       Characteristics of stress:   1. Loudness   2. Length    3. Pitch change

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Jul 232013

The fourth lesson of free online English spoken lesson is based on discourse marker,the words or phrases that make the meanings, structures and messages of spoken English easily comprehensive to the audiences. It will also help you to make your spoken English more standard than before.

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