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English Spoken Lesson and Easy Tips for BD and Asian Student

This online English spoken lesson and easy tips for BD and Asian Student is about introducing yourself. For developing your English spoken fluency as well as solving problems of mumbling & stammering, this online English spoken lesson plays a significant role.Learning spoken English is now a fascination for the students of Bangladesh.This online English spoken lesson will help to present yourself in front of the audience perfectly.

Tell 100 Sentences About Yourself

(Part – 1)

1) Name: My full name is _____. You can call me _____.
2) Home district: The name of my home district is _____. It’s famous for _____. I love my home district very much because it is a place of natural beauty and tranquility.
3) Residence: I have been living in Dhaka since my birth / for….. years. It’s the capital city of Bangladesh.
4) Educational Background: I’ve graduated from ______ University in the Dept. of _____. Before that, I did my pre schooling and schooling from ______ School and college from ______.

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5) Family: Our family consists of ______ members. It’s a nuclear family. Excluding me, I’ve _____ siblings. My father is a/an _____. My mother is a/an _____. We are a happy family.

6) Aim in life / job: As a student of …………..department, I want to be a/an _____ in future.

7) Future plans: I have two types of goals. They are short term and long term. Short term goals are based on 2014. They are….




# _______


My long term goals are


# _______

# _______

# _______

# _______


icon cool English Spoken Lesson and Easy Tips for BD and Asian Student Leisure interest: In my leisure time, I usually read ______. Sometimes, I watch different type of TV programs. Occasionally, I listen music.

 9) Student life: In my school life, I was so naughty but brilliant. I miss my all school teachers, friends and my classmates. … (3sentences)………………………………………

In my college life, I was so sincere about study. I miss my all college teachers, friends and my classmates. ……… (3sentences)………………………………………………………

In my university life, I was so career orient. I miss my all university teachers, friends and my classmates. ……………… (3sentences)………………………………………………………

10) Favorite: Person: My Favorite person is _____, because I like his/her personality.

Teacher: My Favorite teacher is _____, because I like his/her teaching style.

Actor: My Favorite actor is _____, because I like his acting very much.

Actress: My Favorite actress is _____, because I like her acting.

Singer: My Favorite singer is _____, because I like his/her singing style.

Game: My Favorite game is _____, because it is very exciting sport.

Player: My Favorite player is _____, because he/she plays very well.

TV Programs: My Favorite TV program is _____, because it is very entertaining / educative.

Color: My Favorite color is _____, because it is a symbol of …………

 Book: My Favorite book is _____, because ________.

Place: My Favorite place is _____, because ________.

Food: My Favorite food is _____, because it is our traditional food..

Restaurant: My Favorite restaurant is _____, because I like the menu, environment and service quality of that.

Movie: My Favorite movie is _____, because is very entertaining / educative.

Dress: My Favorite dress is _____, because ________.

11) My qualities: I am very sincere; responsible about my work. I am trustworthy, down to earth, dedicated and extroverted. I love to interact with people and making connectivity. Because I believe Connectivity is the Productivity.

Please,wait for part 2

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