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Recent Cue Card (Part 2)

Recent cue cards (Part 2) are essential for the candidates of recent IELTS exam. In this article,you will get more cue cards which are important for your exam.Usually my viewers, you look for recent cue cardand get it now and then and sometimes page error; especially the websites of Bangladesh.

Cue Card#26: Describe your favorite childhood gift.

Cue Card# 27: Describe a game (not football,  cricket) you used to play/enjoy in your childhood.

Cue Card# 28: Describe a stage in your life a which enjoyed most you should say.

You should say:

What the stage it was

How it was favorable for enjoyment

With whom you enjoyed

And explain why the stage was the most enjoyable.6065878523 37a6ef827a1 300x195 IELTS Speaking Cue Cards in Bangladesh


Cue Card# 29: Describe your most delightful time in your life.

You should say:

When it happened

What happened?

With whom you enjoyed the time

And explain why the time was the most delightful

Cue Card# 30: Describe your best friend in your school life.

Cue Card#31: Describe the weather you like most.

Cue Card# 32: Describe an advertisement you watch.

You should say:

What it is about

When you watch it

Why you like it

And explain how it describes the product

Cue Card#33: A TV program you enjoy.

Cue Card# 34: Describe a shopping mall you visit.

Cue Card# 35: Describe a game you played in your childhood.

Cue Card#36: Describe our favorite TV serial.

Cue Card#37: Describe a library you have used for long time.

You should say:

Where the library us situated

When you used it

How you used it

And explain why it was very helpful to you.

Cue Card# 38: Describe and important stage of your life.

Cue card#39: Describe our favorite TV channel.

Cue Card#40: Describe a bicycle you rode in your childhood.

You should say:

What type of bicycle it was

How you got it

When you rode by on it

And explain how you enjoyed riding.

Cue Card#41: Describe your best friend in your school life.

Cue Card# 42: Describe a housing (society) you know.

You should say:

Where it is situated

What type of housing it is

How you knew it

And explain its importance/significance.

Cue Card# 43: Describe your favorite season.

Cue Card#44: Describe a  (special) clothe you wore on an occasion.

You should say:

What type of clothe it is

On which occasion you wore it

Why you wore that particular one

And explain its importance/significance.

Cue Card#45: Describe an art gallery you have seen.

Cue Card#46: Describe an education/study tour you made it your school life.

Cue Card#47: Describe a cook you well.

Cue card#48: Describe a language you are learning (except English & Bengali).

Cue Card#49: Describe a happy moment in your life.

Cue Card#50: Describe a success you have got.

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