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Recent Cue Cards in Bangladesh blue curly cue card p137483721263852678bf3b5 4001 300x300 Recent IELTS Speaking Cue Cards for BD

Recent cue cardsĀ  are essential for the candidates of recent IELTS exam. Usually my viewers, you look for recent cue cardsĀ and get it now and then and sometimes page error; especially the websites of Bangladesh. But sabbirsenglishworld provides authentic recent cue cards in Bangladesh.

You should say:

What type of book it is/was

Who the write of the book is

What message the book conveys

And explain what you think/thought of the book.


Cue Card #02: Describe a good law you know:

Cue Card#03: Describe a nice apartment you have seen recently.

Cue Card#04: Describe the education system of your school when you studied.

Cue Card#05: Describe an occasion (a party or a family event) you have recently joined.

Cue Card#06: Describe your favorite weather.

Cue Card#07: Describe a TV program/drama you have recently seen

Cue Card# 08: Describe a sculpture you have recently seen.

Cue Card# 09: Describe the most inportant stage of our life.

Cue Card#10: Describe your favorite cook.

Cue Card#12: Describe a charming apartment you have recently seen/visited.

You should say:

Where it is situated

What type of a apartment it is

How you knew it

And explain why the apartment is so charming.

Cue Card#13: Describe a teenager you know well.

Cue Card#14: Describe your best friend.

Cue Card# 15: Describe a sport you played in your childhood.

Cue Card#16: Describe a bicycle you rode in your childhood.

Cue Card# 17: Describe a housing you know.522ddfb47d911ielts speaking 248x300 Recent IELTS Speaking Cue Cards for BD

Cue card# 18: Describe your best friend in your school fife.

Cue Card# 19: Describe an attractive place for tourists.

Cue Card#20: Describe a game you played in your childhood.


Cue Card#21: Describe an apartment you want to build in future.

You should say:

What type of apartment it would be

When you will build it

What the apartment will be made of

And explain why you choose this particular type.

Cue Card#23: Describe your favorite TV serial.

Cue Card# 24: Describe a thing that you want to buy in future.

Cue Card# 25: Describe a good cook you know well (not from your family.

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