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Pronunciation tips 4 is also about next 4 consonant sounds especially for the Students of Bangladesh . This pronunciation tips will help you to give a better presentation in front of the audience.

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Chip We like chips.
Cheap This is a cheap farm.
Cherry It’s a cherry trifle.
Chop I’ll buy this chop.
Catch I couldn’t catch it.
Watch He’s watching the television.
Butcher He owns the butcher’s in the main street.
Lunch She’s gone to lunch.
Charming What a charming name.
Children I lived in London as child.


January The game begins in January.
Jeep It’s a jeep type of car.
Joke Are you joking?
Ridges A land full of ridges.
Large I want a large tree.
Age Do I write age here?
Just I have just received your letter now.
Manager He’s the manager of this office.
Bridge The bridge is broken.
Dangerous He is very dangerous for us.


Mouth What’s in your mouth?
Think He’s thinking.
Path There’s a mountain path.
Thick It’s very thick.
Three I’ll be here within three months.
Thank Thank you very much for your help.
Sheath The knife was hidden in a sheath.
Thirst He’s got a thirst.
Thin A thin soup, please.
Hearth I’d like a hearth.


Than Pink is taller than Jones.
They They arrived there on time.
Either I don’t know her sister either.
There Smith there’s his friends.
Clothe The shop sign said ‘Clothing’
Breathe Breathe means air moving.
Scythe That’s a large scythe.
Together We grew up together.
Other Are there any other questions?
Leather The soles are made of leather.

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  2. Thanks Sabbir sir for giving useful phonetic tips which are essential for the Bangladeshi Students.
    I think to speak English same as the English, at first we need learn phonetics.

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