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Free 10 Pronunciation Tips


The 3rd lesson of free online pronunciation tips is also about 4 consonant sounds especially for the Students of Bangladesh . This pronunciation tips will help you to understand BBC, CNN and IELTS Speaking.

phoneticchart Free 10 Pronunciation Tips


Sue That Sue was amazing.
C It’s pronounced C /si:/
Sip Sip it slowly.
Scream Stop screaming.
Sister She is my sister.
Sky The sky is looking so beautiful today.
Swim Sam doesn’t know how to swim.
Saturday They will come back home on Saturday.
Sun The sun was just setting.
Supervise I’ll supervise the work personally.


Zoo That zoo was amazing.
Z It’s pronounced Z /zi:/
Buzz I heard a buzz.
Peas I want the big peas.
Prize I got the first prize.
Zebra Zebra is the tallest animal of the world.
Zinc Zinc is helpful for teeth.
Zenith The sun rose towards its zenith.
Zero I rated my chances as zero.
Zest He had a great zest for life.


She She is the first girl in the class.
Shoe I like shoes.
Ship Ship it carefully.
Show He won’t show it.
Push Push the door.
Shadow The children were having fun, chasing each other’s shadows.
Shook She shook her head in disbelief.
Sugar Do you take sugar in your tea?
Sure Are you sure you don’t mind?
Shameless He’s a shameless person.


Asia Bangladesh is in Asia.
Leisure What do you do in your leisure period?
Malaysia Malaysia is a very beautiful country.
Television Television is a good source of entertainment.
Pleasure It’s my pleasure to have you in my party.
Usually I usually drive my car.
Decision I think you’ve taken the right decision.
Version Have you downloaded the latest version of Yahoo messenger?
Composure At present Habib is the most famous composure in our country.
Conclusion A smart conclusion is needed to make a good presentation.

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