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 Presentation Tips for Best Presentation

‘Presentation’ is a word that can revolutionize anyone’s Elegance, Confidence and Competence.This  best  presentation Tips is based on the secrets of the best Presenter of the world Steve Jobs, the king of presentation world.He followed another best thinker and presenter of the world,Aristotle.We provides five best tips that was given by Aristotle.We will learn how to plan like Aristotle.

 Best Presentation Tips

There are three types of learners: visual (the majority of people fall into this category), auditory (listeners), and kinesthetic (people who like to feel and touch). Find ways to appeal to everyone. A presentation should comprise more than just slides. Use white boards, flip charts, or the high-tech flip chart- a tablet PC. Bring ‘props’ such 12, you’ll learn much more about reaching the three types of learners.

Most communicators get so caught up in the slides: Which font should I use? Should I use bullets or dashes? Should I include a graph here? How about a picture there? These are the wrong questions to be asking in the planning stage. Of you have a tangible product, find other ways outside of the slide deck to show it off. On October 14 2008, Steve introduced a new line of Mac books carved out of one piece of aluminum, a ‘anybody enclose’. After jobs discussed the manufacturing process, Apple employees handed out examples of the new frame so audience members could see it and touch it for themselves.

Incorporating all of these elements in a presentation will help you tell a story worth lessening to. Slides don’t tell stories; you do. Slides complement the story. This book is software agnostic; it avoids a direct comparison between PowerPoint and keynote because the software is not the main character in a n effective presentation- the speaker is. Jobs himself started using Apple’s keynote software in 2002, so what are we to make of the extraordinary presentation jobs gave dating back to 1984? The software is not the answer. The fact that Steve jobs uses keynote instead of PowerPoint does not mean your presentation will look more like his if you make the switch. You will, however, win over your audience by spending more time creating the plot than producing the slides.

Use a notepad or whiteboard to script your ideas. It will help you visualize the story and simplify its components.

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Aristotle’s Outline for persuasive Argument

A Steve jobs presentation follows Aristotle’s Classic five-point plan creates a persuasive argument:

  1. Deliver a story or statement that arouses the audience’s interest.
  2. Pose a problem or question that has to be solved or answered.
  3. Offer a solution to the problem you raised.
  4. Describe specific benefits for adopting the course of action set forth in your solution.
  5. State a call to action. For Steve, It’s as simple as saying ‘Now go out and buy one!’

Returned to Apple in 1996, taking over for ousted Gil Amelia, he found a company with more than forty different products, which confused the customer. In Inside Steve’s Brain, Leander Kahney writes that jobs called senior management into his office. ‘Jobs drew a very simple two-by-two grid on the whiteboard. Across the top he wrote ‘Consumer’ and ‘Professional’ and down the side, ‘ portable and Desktop.’ under jobs, Apple would offer just four computers- two notebooks and two desktops- aimed at consumer and professional users. This is one of many stories in which we learn that jobs does his best thinking when he’s thinking visually. Whether you pale best on a whiteboard, a yellow legal pad, or post-it notes, spends time in analog before jumping to digital. Your ultimate presentation will  be  far more interesting, engaging, and relevant.

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