Oct 292013

Pronunciation tips 4 is also about next 4 consonant sounds especially for the Students of Bangladesh . This pronunciation tips will help you to give a better presentation in front of the audience.

485 1 3999618351 Free Best Pronunciation Tips for BD students


Chip We like chips.
Cheap This is a cheap farm.
Cherry It’s a cherry trifle.
Chop I’ll buy this chop.
Catch I couldn’t catch it.
Watch He’s watching the television.
Butcher He owns the butcher’s in the main street.
Lunch She’s gone to lunch.
Charming What a charming name.
Children I lived in London as child.

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Oct 292013

Free 10 Pronunciation Tips


The 3rd lesson of free online pronunciation tips is also about 4 consonant sounds especially for the Students of Bangladesh . This pronunciation tips will help you to understand BBC, CNN and IELTS Speaking.

phoneticchart Free 10 Pronunciation Tips


Sue That Sue was amazing.
C It’s pronounced C /si:/
Sip Sip it slowly.
Scream Stop screaming.
Sister She is my sister.
Sky The sky is looking so beautiful today.
Swim Sam doesn’t know how to swim.
Saturday They will come back home on Saturday.
Sun The sun was just setting.
Supervise I’ll supervise the work personally.

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Oct 082013

 Presentation Tips(How to give and make BETTER PRESENTATION?)

 Presentations tend to be much less formal than they were even twenty years ago. Most viewers these days prefer a moderately casual approach. However, there is a definite construction to the opening of a Presentation that you should monitor…

  1. Get people’s concentration
  2. Greet them
  3. Introduce yourself
  4. State the intention of your presentation
  5. State how you want to cope with questions

stevejobs quote Practical Presentation Tips

Click the link …this link is a power point slide which will help you to give your next presentation better…

Better Presentation Tips for Your Next Presentation

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Oct 082013

 Free Business English Spoken lesson 3

This  free Business English Spoken lesson 3 is about promotional activities,public relationship and exhibition which will help the employees who are working in reputed company.After the two lessons of free online business English people want to know about public relationship.But in our today’s lesson, we will learn more.Let’s learn one by one.

Promotional Activities

Situation-Tom is meeting Lucy to discuss the release of their new Sound-Card.


Tom:       Lucy, as you know, we are going to released our new Sound-Card next month. I think we shall reap benefits of all our hard work.

Lucy:       That is true. We have efficently designed the advertising campaign. Nothing is going wrong for us at the moment.

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Oct 082013

Free Business English lesson 2

This free business English lesson 2 is  for the professionals who are Business men, entrepreneur  and employees of different government and non-government organizations. They are sometimes searching this type of lesson. Our today’s Business English is to lead their business as well as corporate life. This course is based on business related speaking.

Business English Course Free Business English Course for professionals of BD

A Job-Interview


Matthew is applying for the job of a copywrite at sound Tech Inc. He is meeting Lucy, the Marketing Manager.


Lucy:       Matthew, give me a few details about  you last job.

Matthew: I would write materials for press-releases trade publications and for inter promotions.

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