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In order to promote the system of learning  English Language as a communicative  medium and emphasize on especially correct Pronunciation, improvement  of  Listening and Speaking skills, accompanied by the techniques of Mastering Presentation, sabbirsenglishworld.com has been created as a part of the English Learning project of Md. Sabbir Sarkar, Coordinator , S@ifur’s Phonetics ;Corporate Trainer and Presentation Coach , IJT.This is a service based on the people interested in mastering the language as their second language in order to learn the proper application of English in both Professional & AcademicSegments.At present,sabbirsenglishworld.com will provide the subscribers with sample videos, lips lesson based on English language application.

Sabbir Sarkar

CEO, sabbirsenglishworld.com ; Co-ordinator, Chief Presentation Coach at S@ifurs

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  1. i like this web.

  2. i like this web.

  3. Sabbir vi your eng mathord Is very nice

  4. I like this site very much…

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