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Learning spoken English is now a fascination for the students of Bangladesh.This online English spoken lesson is about subject verb agreement.Who has problem with sentence making, this Learning spoken English is especially for you.

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 Subject – Verb – Agreement is the system how verb is used after subject.

  • She is my teacher.
  • They are my friends.


There is ‘singular verb’ after ‘singular subject’

  • Shahed learns English
  • They learn English
  • A baby is crying
  • The babies are crying.

‘Plural verb’ should be used after ‘plural verb’

  • My friend was present in the meeting.
  • My friends were present in the meeting.


Singular subjects take ‘plural verb’ if they are connected by ‘And’

  • Shahed and Sabbir  are good friends.
  • Shammi and Jasmin help each other.


But ‘Singular verb’ is required after and if two subjects refers to the same person

  • Slow and steady wins the race. (AdÉhp¡u£l¡C S£h­e pgm qu) z
  • Bread and butter is my favorite food.


The + subject + and + subject = ‘Plural verb’

  • The teacher and the guest have joined the seminar.
  • The principal and the chairman are taking rest.


The + subject + and+ subject = ‘Singular verb’

  • The teacher and guest has joined the seminar.
  • The principal and chairman is taking rest.


‘Verb’ can be used both ‘singular and plural form’ in case of mathematical calculation.

  • 6 plus 3 makes 9     or
  • 6 plus 3 make 9.


‘One of’ takes ‘plural noun/Pronoun’ after it but ‘verb’ is singular.

  • One of the boys is a good player
  • One of them has played well.


A number of + Plural noun + Plural verb



  • A number of people have visited sabbirsenglishworld.com
  • A number of students are learning phonetics.


The number of + Plural noun + Singular verb



  • The number of people has visited website
  • The number of students is learning phonetics.


There is always ‘singular verb’ after the names of countries, persons, Organizations etc even if they end with ‘S

  • John keats is called the poet of beauty.
  • James is  a popular band singer.
  • The united nations rules the world.


There/here takes ‘verb’ according to the ‘noun or pronoun’ after it.

  • There are many researchers in ELRC project.
  • Here is a gift for you.grammar rules subject verb agreement1 300x210 Learn free online spoken lessons


‘Singular verb’ should be used after ‘no’

  • No child is cute here
  • No advice was helpful for him.


When phrase/Clause/Infinitive is used as a ‘Subject’ then it takes ‘Singular verb’

  • To walk is  a good exercise.
  • Swimming is good for health.


Uncountable noun is always ‘Singular’

  • Water is  a liquid substance.
  • Fifty dollars is a huge amount.


Collective noun Generally takes ‘Singular verb’

  • The family lives together.

But ‘verb’ becomes plural after collective noun’ when it is divided.

  • The family live separately.


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