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Our Today’s Topic is about iPhone 6 features. I know you are waiting for figuring out this amusing equipment to get more amusement in your life. So today I illustrate iphon six and its features for Bangladesh markets.

iphone 6 iPhone 6 features and Prize in bangladesh market

i Phone 6 image

I phone is a word of prestige and status which creates a new value in our day to day life. Using i phone 6 is a matter of thrill. Specially, in Bangladesh, People are enthusiastically waiting for its induction. As I am an addict of i phone, I am also counting the day of the initiation of iPhone 6 because I am a giant devotee of Steve jobs, father of present art and machinery. Here are some features of i phone 6 specified below to make you be acquainted with i phone 6.

i Phone 6 Features

Apple (iPhone 6) Main Features -

  • Brand Name– Apple.
  • Phone Model – i Phone 6
  • Operating System –i OS 7.1.
  • CPU – 1.5 GHz Quad-Core.
  • GPU – supremacy VR SGX543MP4.
  • RAM – 2 GB.
  • Display – 4.7″ and 5.7″ IPS HD super touch screen.
  • Camera – 13 MP.
  • value – around 1000 $
  • Sensors – Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass, light sensors.
  • Flash Light – Yes LED Flash, auto flash.
  • SIM Card – Nano SIM ( Single SIM)
  • Weight -  110 gm
  • Video Player -  MP4, 3GP, H264,DivX, xDiv.

iphone 6 will launch a new operating system 7.1 to us which will bless in different ways.Not only that but also its camera regulation is 13 mp.Upping the sensor resolution can introduce problems with noise, though, as there’s less light per pixel. Apple will be keen to counteract problems like this, so a lens with a faster aperture would make sense.Some people says it will be launched in 2015…But one rumor is heard recently,it will be launched in the first week of January 2014.Big-screen phones are the thing of the moment, with Samsung, Sony and HTC all opting for large,s. Now, Apple’s not one to necessarily follow what everyone else is doing, but given the demand for such phones, we wouldn’t be surprised to see that the iPhone 6 has a larger display.Its value will be 700 – 1000 US $ . It is not like other smart phone , you can use it like your personal secretary. It will have projector,some people predict it.

So, dear viewers if you are asked about this topic i phone or i phone 6 features in anywhere like gossiping or as IELTS cue card you can answer it.

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  1. we will be happy if the iphone 6 come to our bd and get it minimam mrp 55000_9500 tk.

  2. It’s look very nice.I want it.

  3. Very nice phone!

  4. I need iphone6 it is very nice phone

  5. nice

  6. 請問字體可放大嗎

  7. suparb

  8. Very Nice Phone.

  9. very nice but no have money :(

  10. iphone 6 any android phone bluetooth able able sharing yeas or no

  11. I Like It

  12. i need a option “caller id hide” pls confor me

  13. very nice phone

  14. This is very nice phone but price jane na

  15. I like that iPhone can’t wait for the new one to come out that is my color pink and black

  16. Price in Bangladesh

  17. Please tell me, how many price in Bangladesh?? Iphone 6

  18. I love it very much.

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  20. Please tell me how many price in BD I Phone 6 I love it and I need I Phone 6

  21. I’ll buy from UK

    like it

  22. It izz a dam nice phone i want to bye it immediately and i have i phone 5s also

  23. this phone is extraordinari

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