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How to make conversation?

This  English spoken lesson is about how to make conversation.For developing your spoken fluency as well as communication skill, this online English spoken lesson plays a significant role.Learning spoken English is now a fascination for the students of Bangladesh.

 How to make conversation?Staying at a Hotel


Tourist          :    Good Morning. Have you any room vacant?

Receptionist :    Yes, Sir Double or Single?

Tourist          :    I want one double.

Receptionist  :    I have a double room on the 2nd floor.

Tourist          :    Oh! But I want to have one one the ground floor or the first floor.

Receptionist :    Let me see is I can …. I’m sorry, Sir. There’s no double room vacant at the moment either on the ground or on the first floor. But I wonder if you could wait till the checkout time. I’ll have two vacancies then. Could I book one of the rooms for you in advance, sir?

Tourist          :    Yes, I don’t mind waiting for an hour or so. What’s your checkout time?

Receptionist :    It’s 12 noon, and It’s already quarter post eleven. So you’ll have to wait for less than an hour sir.

 Tourist          :    How come? My watch shows ten minutes to eleven! That means there’s more than an hour to go. I’m not going to wait …..

 Receptionist :    I’m afraid your watch is a little too slow, sir. My watch makes 11.20 now. I set the time only a few minutes before you come in.

 Tourist          :    Oh, dear. There’s something wrong with my wrist watch. You’re right. I’ll wait for some time.

 Receptionist:    Thank you, sir. Would you like to take a seat on the sofa over there?

Tourist          :    Oh, but I don’t know about the facilities you provide here.

 Receptionist :    Don’t worry about that , sir. Here’s a brochure giving all the information about the hotel.

Tourist          :    Thank you, young lady.

Dining at an Expensive Restaurant

Ema               :    Are you sure we can afford to eat here? It looks so expensive.

Shajib            :    Don’t worry about it. It’s our anniversary, and we should celebrate.

Ema               :    You’re right. We deserve a splendid meal on such an occasion. I look forward to this. I’ve heard excellent things about the food here.

Hostess          :    Good evening. Do you have a reservation?

Shajib            :    Yes, we do. It’s for two people, in the name of shajib.

Hostess          :    Come with me, please. Your waiter will be with you in a moment. Would you care for some drink?

Shajib            :    Yes, I believe I’ll have a China Lada Juice. I understand It’s your specialty.

Ema               :    I’ll have a Green Mango Jiuce. We’re celebrating our anniversary.

Hostess          :    I’ll make sure the juice maker makes his finest drinks to help your celebration.

Ema               :    I feel so pampered already. This is really an elegant place.

Waiter           :    Good evening. My name is Emran. I’ll be serving you this evening. May I  bring you the menu now?

 Shajib            :    Yes, please

Shajib            :    I don’t think we’ll want any wine with dinner. These juices are quite enough. We’ll look over the menu for a few minutes.

Waiter           :    Very good, sir. The  ……….. and………….. are both excellent this evening. If I may recommend them.

Shajib            :    Thank you, Emran. (The waiterleaves.) I’m not going to look at the right side of the menu. I’m just going to order whatever looks good.

Ema               :    Good idea. Me too. I think I’ll start with an appetizer of oysters Rockefeller. I’ve always wanted to try that dish.

Shajib            :    That sounds good, but I think I’ll have an ortichake salad, but I can’t decide what I want for my main course. The duck in orange sauce looks tempting.

 Ema               :    I’m leaning toward the New York cut steak. It says it comes with patato and tomato with basil leaf.

Waiter           :    Have you decided or would you like some moire time?

Shajib            :    Yes, we have selected  (Order is placed …. After eating)

Waiter           :    Was everything satisfactory, madam? Sir?

Ema               :    Everything was wonderful. It couldn’t have been better.

Waiter           :    We have a complete selection of pastries, if you would care for some dessert.

 Shajib            :    Just some coffee for me.

Ema               :    Nothing for me. I’m so full that I can’t give space for air even.

Shajib            :    This has been a splendid evening: great atmoshphere, excellent food and a wonderful dinner partner.

Ema               :    Happy Anniversary.

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