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Grammar Tips


This grammar tips are about subject verb agreement which are very important to make right sentence. For developing your spoken accuracy as well as solving problems of sentence building,this online grammar lesson plays a significant role.

Subject – Verb – Agreement is the system how verb is used after subject.

  • She is my teacher.
  • They are my friends.english grammar tips Grammar Shortcut Tips for BD students


There is ‘singular verb’ after ‘singular subject’

  • Shahed learns English
  • They learn English
  • A baby is crying
  • The babies are crying.

‘Plural verb’ should be used after ‘plural verb’

  • My friend was present in the meeting.
  • My friends were present in the meeting.


Singular subjects take ‘plural verb’ if they are connected by ‘And’

  • Shahed and Sabbir  are good friends.
  • Shamim and Zeba help each other.


But ‘Singular verb’ is required after and if two subjects refers to the same person

  • Slow and steady wins the race. (AdÉhp¡u£l¡C S£h­e pgm qu) z
  • Bread and butter is my favorite food.


The + subject + and + subject = ‘Plural verb’

  • The teacher and the guest have joined the seminar.
  • The principal and the chairman are taking rest.



The + subject + and+ subject = ‘Singular verb’

  • The teacher and guest has joined the seminar.
  • The principal and chairman is taking rest.






‘Verb’ can be used both ‘singular and plural form’ in case of mathematical calculation.

  • 6 plus 3 makes 9     or
  • 6 plus 3 make 9.



‘One of’ takes ‘plural noun/Pronoun’ after it but ‘verb’ is singular.

  • One of the boys is a good player
  • One of them has played well.



A number of + Plural noun + Plural verb

  • A number of people have visited
  • A number of students are learning phonetics.



The number of + Plural noun + Singular verb




  • The number of people has visited website
  • The number of students is learning phonetics.



There is always ‘singular verb’ after the names of countries, persons, Organizations etc even if they end with ‘S

  • John keats is called the poet of beauty.
  • James is  a popular band singer.
  • The united nations rules the world.



There/here takes ‘verb’ according to the ‘noun or pronoun’ after it.

  • There are many researchers in ELRC project.
  • Here is a gift for you.




‘Singular verb’ should be used after ‘no’

  • No child is cute here
  • No advice was helpful for him.



When phrase/Clause/Infinitive is used as a ‘Subject’ then it takes ‘Singular verb’

  • To walk is  a good exercise.
  • Swimming is good for health.



Uncountable noun is always ‘Singular’

  • Water is  a liquid substance.
  • Fifty dollars is a huge amount.



Collective noun Generally takes ‘Singular verb’

  • The family lives together.

But ‘verb’ becomes plural after collective noun’ when it is divided.

  • The family live separately.


The first part is considered as subject while there is preposition at the middle point of subject.

  • A basket of apples has been sold.
  • The color of his eyes is blue.


The following nouns seem to be plural, but they are Singular :

*          Civics, economies, politics, physics, ethics, mathematics, athletics, innings gallows, optics, mumps, news, statistics, polities.

  • Physics is a subject of science.
  • The news was pathetic.


The following nouns are always ‘singular’ and takes singular verb.

*          Scenery, furniture, alphabet, poetry, information, equipment, expenditure, machinery etc.

  • The scenery attracts the people.
  • This information is valuable.


The following nouns seem to be singular, but they are ‘Plural’ and take ‘plural verb’ :

*          Aristocracy, peasantry, Gentry, cattle, poultry, perfumery, public, people,

  • People of our country are hospitable.
  • The cattle are grazing in the field.


The following nouns are always plural and take ‘plural verb’:

*          Savings, earnings, vegetables, surroundings, glasses, trousers, riches, aims, politics, wages, dues

  • Savings are helpful for future.
  • Trousers have earned popularity.



The following nouns can be both ‘Singular or Plural’ and take their respective form.

*          Deer, pair, dozen, sheer etc.

  • Five dozen are need for you.
  • One dozen is needed for you.


If there are (with together with, as well as, along with, in addition to, accompanied by) in any sentence, then ‘verb’ is needed according to first subject.

  • Ripon along with shihab has come to S@ifur’s
  • Mahmud accompanied by his children has made journey.


In case of “either…. or\neither……. nor” the verb is placed according to last subject.

  • Neither Jahid nor his teacher is dishonest.
  • Either Selim or his friends were present.


Temperature, distance, weather, time, money, quantity = ‘Singular Verb’.

  • The temperature was 38 cc.
  • Ten mounds is a heavy weight.

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    • Hi Lenka, Will you marry me?’ is a direct rqueest. It is the classic romantic proposal to marry. Will you be marrying me?’ is asking you about your intent, probably after the initial proposal (above). I suspect the person asking it has doubts about the listener’s intention to marry. It would be a little clearer if they asked Will you still be marrying me?’ or Do you still intend to marry me?’Kind Regards, Graeme

    • Oh, yeah! It’s hard to even think of a situation for using feel that way thoguh, isn’t it? That’s funny. So, when people say, I’m feeling poorly, is that incorrect? Should it be I’m feeling poor ? Sounds like someone with no money. I think I’m in a grammatical loop here. And Susan, you’re right about the good/well that’s why we don’t say goodly lol. I use it incorrectly so much, I don’t hear it anymore. Terrible to admit don’t tell my mama.

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  5. The difference is as fowllos:The sentence using his cup means the cup, or the cup of coffee, belonging to a specific person, a man. His is a possessive pronoun, meaning belonging to him .The sentence using a cup means that he is given a non-specific cup of coffee. The cup could belong to anyone. A is an indefinite article. It refers to a single item / one of something. However, it does not show possession (ownership) or specify a particular item. It could be one amongst many items (such as cups of coffee).

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