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pro1 Free Online Pronunciation Tips   1 for the Students of Bangladesh

Pronunciation of English language is sometimes difficult for the Students of Bangladesh because they have maybe often problem in the pronunciation of their mother tongue. These free online pronunciation tips are especially for the Students of Bangladesh as well as Asian students. This pronunciation based tips are founded on BBC standard pronunciation.


Let’s see the 1st pronunciation tips….




Pin It’s a useful pin.
Pen Can you give me a pen please?
Pear Look at the green pear!
Cap He is wearing an old cap.
Passport Oh heavens! I have lost my passport.
Poppy Do you like Poppy?
Pencil You must use pencil in IELTS exam.
Pocket I don’t have much money in my pocket.
Public Don’t smoke in public place.
People The people of our country are very polite.


Tongue Twister:

Poly put purple paint in the pool.



George    :      Allen! Allen! I think I’ve lost the passport!

Allen        :      How stupid of you, George didn’t you put them in your pocket?

George    :      Here’s a pen… a pencil… a postcard…. a pin….

Allen        :     Oh, stop taking things out of your pockets. Perhaps you putb them in the plastic bag.

George    :      Here’s a newspaper… an apple…. a pear… a plastic cup… a  spoon… some paper plates… a piece of potato pie… a pepper pot

Allen       :    Oh, stop pulling things out of the plastic bag, Gazi these  people are getting inpatient.

George    :      Wait…wait… I got it. Here you are.

Allen       :     Oh George, you are going to kill me. O.K. let’s go we don’t have much time.



Bin It’s a useful bin.
Bear Look at the yellow bear.
Backpackers Are those people backpackers?
Birthday card I’ve drawn a nice birthday card for you.
Beautiful Our country is so beautiful.
Boby Do you like Boby?
Boy He is the first boy in our class.
Buy I have to buy a test paper.
Book All the books are decorated nicely in the bookshelf.
Bag Polythene bags are not allowed in our country.


Tongue Twister:

Bob bought a big basket ball.



Sabbir     :   Hi, Pink!

Pink         :   Hi, Sabbir. It’s my birthday today.

Sabbir     :   Oh, yes! Your birthday! … Er… Happy birthday, Pink!

Pink         :   Thanks, Sabbir. Somebody gave me this dress for my birthday.

Sabbir     :   What a beautiful dress! It’s got… mm… er…. Blue butterflies on it.

Pink         :   And big black buttons also.

Sabbir     :   Did… er… mm… Ruby buy it for you?

Pink         :   Yes. And my brother gave me a book about birds.

Sabbir     :   I didn’t remember your birthday, Pink. I’m terribly sorry.

Pink         :   Don’t worry about the birthday present, Sabbir.



Time Excuse me. Could you tell me the time, please?
Ten Yes, It’s exactly twenty minutes to ten
Trunk Is there a trunk here?
Telephone What’s your telephone number?
Target Business goals and targets.
Tariff A general tariff was imposed in foreign imports.
Task Our first task is to set up a communication system.
Taste The soup has very little taste
Teach She teaches at our local school.
Tension There mounting tension along the border.


Tongue Twister:

Teacher told me to teach a typical topic.



Customer    :      I want to buy a skirt.

Assistant      :      Skirts are upstairs on the next floor.

Customer    :      Where can I get some Thai food?

Assistant      :      The cafeteria is on the first floor.

Customer    :      Where’s the fruit juice, please?

Assistant      :      The next counter on your left.

Customer    :      Could you tell me where the … em… travel agents is?

Assistant      :      Yes. It’s right next to the restaurant on the third floor.

Customer    :      What’s the time, please?

Assistant      :      It’s exactly twenty two minutes to ten.



Drunk Is there a drunk outside?
Dance Daisy can dance well.
Drain Does this drain smell?
Ride He was riding on a large black horse.
Dry Store onions in a cool dry place.
Date What’s the date today?
Dawn They start work at dawn.
Day Today’s Sunday.
Dhaka Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
Drizzle It was drizzling outside.


Tongue Twister:

Dad does double dealing in a day.



Daisy       :     Hello. This is 4428615

David      :     Hello, Daisy, This is David.

Daisy       :     Oh, hi, David.

David      :     What did you do yesterday, Daisy? You forgot our date, didn’t you?

Daisy       :     Well, it rained all day, David… and… I had a bad cold, so I … er…  decided to stay at home.

David      :     Did you? … I phoned twenty times and nobody answered.

Daisy       :     Oh, the telephone line was damaged. They repaired it today.

David      :     O.K. See you real soon, Daisy. Bye.

Daisy       :     See you, David Bye.

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