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The 2nd lesson of free online pronunciation tips is also about consonant sounds especially for the Students of Bangladesh as well as Asian students. This pronunciation tips will help you to utter BBC standard pronunciation like international speakers.

Tips for English Pronunciation 300x3001 Free Online Pronunciation Tips  2 for the Students of Bangladesh

 Let’s see the 2nd pronunciation tips……


Cat The cat is a pet animal.
Cute Laura is looking so cute.
Coat It’s a hairy coat.
Class Kate reads in class eight.
Keen John was very keen to help
Kind What kind of house do you live in?
King The lion is the king of the jungle.
Capital Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh.
Question If you have any question, you can ask me.
Task It’s your final task.

Tongue Twister:

Carlos kicks a curly corner kick.


Karen      :     Would you like some cream in your coffee, Mrs. Clark?

Kate         :     Call me Kate, Karen.

Karen      :     O.K. … CreamKate?

Kate         :     No thanks, Karen. But I’d like a little milk. Thanks.

Karen      :     Would you like some little cream cakesKate?

Kate         :     Thank you. Excuse me, Karen. But what’s that next to your bookshelf?

Karen      :     It’s an electric cuckoo clock.

Kate         :     Well, it’s exactly six o’clock now, and it’s very quiet. Doesn’t it say ‘cuckoo’?

Karen      :     Of course it does, Kate… Look! (Clock: Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! Cuckoo! )

Kate         :     Fantastic! How exciting! What a clever clock!


Get Get ready for the next match.
Rugby Can you play rugby?
Dialogue Read the dialogue aloud.
Garden It’s a big garden.
Fog Has the fog gone?
Guy He’s a big guy.
Dog There’s a big old dog in the garden.
Smog Fog and smog are what we’ve got.
Grocery Excuse me. Is there a grocery store around there?
Gateway Could you tell me where the gateway of this market is?

Tongue Twister:

Green grass grows in green ground.


Sabbir      :       Could you get me some groceries when you go out?

Pink          :       What exactly – nutmeg? gherkinsyoghurt?

Sabbir      :       Of course not! Get me some bagels if they’ve got any … mm … sugar, eggs, garlic … and … mm … figs and grapes, if they’re good.

Pink          :       O.K.


Feel I’m feeling good now.
Farm He showed me his farm.
Fold Fold this paper.
Feet I like feet on the back.
Funny This is funny.
Foal It’s got a little foal.
Feedback I’d appreciate some feedback on my work.
Finish She’s going to finish the task in a day.
Ferry We caught the ferry at Ostend.
Fertilizer A bag of fertilizer.

Tongue Twister:

Father found four flying flies on the floor.


Photographer    :   Good afternoon. How can I help you?

Phillips                 :   I’m Fredrick Phillips. I want a photograph of myself  and my wife Phillippa.

Photographer    :   Certainly. Mr. Phillips. Please fill in this form.

Phillips                 :   (Hands in the form) It’s finished.

Photographer    :   Mr. Phillips, do you prefer a full front photograph or a profile?

Phillips                 :   A full front. That would be fine I think.

Photographer    :   O.K. That’s finished.

Phillips                 :   Will the photograph be ready for the fifth of February?

Photographer    :   Yes. Please phone my office after five days, Mr.   Phillips.


Vet They’re good vets.
Van Can they lift that van?
Vote Jones won the vote.
Vine Vine in the garden.
Veil It’s a veil.
Very You are very late.
Value Vote is valuable.
Valid A valid passport.
Vacancy I’m sorry, we have no vacancies.
Vile The weather was really vile most of the time.

Tongue Twister:

The value of victory varies on various voters.


Vivek      :     Has the Vander family lived here for very long Victor?

Victor     :     Five and half years, Vivek. We arrived on the first of February.

Vivek      :     What a lovely view you have!

Victor     :     Yes. It’s fabulous.

Vivek      :     Look! You can see the village down in the valley.

Victor     :     Yes. We just love living here because of the view.


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