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 Free Business English Spoken lesson 4

This  free Business English Spoken lesson 4 is about Introducing Product,Marking an Offer and Price, Negotiations & Orders which will help the employees who are working in reputed company.

Introducing Products

Situation-At the Exhibition-Booth of Sound Tech Inc., Mary tries to convince peter, a visitor, to purchase a product.


Mary:      Are you looking for something special?

Peter:       I am interested in electronic  items. company deals in Mother-Boards Sound-Cards.

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Mary:      Would you like to purchase something the show? We are offering a special discount on our new Sound-Card.

Peter:       Do you have a catalogue?

Mary:      Yes, here it is. Let me show you the Sound-Card in the catalogue. manufacture Mother-Boards also. This Sound-Card is quite new in technology sleek in style.

Peter:       I would like to shop around for the deal.

Mary:      No Problem. feel free to shop around please let me know if you require further information regarding the prices our products.

Perter:     Thanks. I like this model very much.

Mary:      Well, it is displayed in the catalogue. here is my business-card. you can contact me on telephone or e-mail me if you need any other information.

Peter:       Thanks. So nice of you.

Marking an Offer

Situation-William, another visitor, is visiting the Booth of Sound Tech Inc. at the show. Lucy, the Marketing Manager, talks with him.


William:  This Sound Card looks nice but I have seen quite a few similar Sound-Cards here at the show.

Lucy:       But ours is the only Sound-Card that fully compatible with the latest hardware.

William:  Is that so? how much does it cost?

Lucy:       If you give me an idea of the bulk purchase, I shall quote you a more suitable price.

William:  I would like to buy three thousand pieces.

Lucy:       Ok. On an order of three thousand sound cards,I can offer you a price of ten dollars per Sound-Card.

William:  I am afraid the price is not within my budget. Is this the best price you can offer me?

Lucy:       If you increase the quantity to five thousand, we will lower the price to eight dollars per Sound-Card.

 Price, Negotiations and Orders


William, is considering buying Sound-Cards from Sound Tech Inc. He is talking with Mary, a sales Representative at Sound tech, about their prices.


William:  I am interested in a few items displayed your new catalog. I would like to know their prices.

Mary:      Thanks for showing interest in our products which item do you want to buy?

William:  I am particularly interested in your new RS 5 Sound-Cards, Shown at the page of your catalog and also in the RS-4 Sound-Card.

Mary:      Ok. The RS-5 is avilable at the rate 45 dollars per piece, for quantity up nto five hindred. Then, we offer discounts for larger orders.

William:  What are the prices for the RS-4 cards?

Mary:      The RS-4 is a promotional item which has been launched this month. For all orders to be received by the end of the month, it is available at the rate of 33 dollars per piece despite any quantity of purchase.

William:  These prices sound reasonably well. Could you send me more details about RS-4 cards, including their specifications?

Mary:      Certainly. I shall fax or e-mail the requisite information to you this afternoon.

William:  It is so nice of you. I shall get back to you after I have reviewed the details. Thank you. Bye.

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