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 Free Business English Spoken lesson 3

This  free Business English Spoken lesson 3 is about promotional activities,public relationship and exhibition which will help the employees who are working in reputed company.After the two lessons of free online business English people want to know about public relationship.But in our today’s lesson, we will learn more.Let’s learn one by one.

Promotional Activities

Situation-Tom is meeting Lucy to discuss the release of their new Sound-Card.


Tom:       Lucy, as you know, we are going to released our new Sound-Card next month. I think we shall reap benefits of all our hard work.

Lucy:       That is true. We have efficently designed the advertising campaign. Nothing is going wrong for us at the moment.

Business English Main Free Business English lesson for Corporate People of BDTom:       Let us review our promotional plans again.

Lucy:       Ok. we have six major retailers running demonstrations at different branches. Our exhibition-team is ready to organize a few computer-show at various places.

Tom:       Anything else?

Lucy:       Yes. we are putting full-page ads in sunday edition of three major newspapers.

Tom:       It sounds weel.

Lucy:       If nothing works out the way we  have planned it, I have a couple of other tricks up my sleeves as well.

Tom:       You are very competent and know very well how to rise to the occasion.

Public Relations


Tom is talking to Lucy about a Public-Relations plan at Sound Tech Inc.


Tom:       Lucy, tell me what sound be the primary role of a public-Relations Department?

Lucy:       The role of a public-Relations Department to establish and maintain a positve relationship between the company and the customers.

Tom:       It means damage control is not the primary role.

Lucy:       No, it is not when a public-Relatons Department is consistently doing well, damage control is rarely necessary.

Tom:       Please elaborate your point.

Lucy:       Well, if the public has  a positive image about a company and its activity, the company has more credibility when a crisis arises.

Tom:       I see.

The Exhibition

Setting up an exhibition-Booth


Mary, the Assistant Marketing Manager at Sound Tech Inc. asks Lucy a few questions about setting up an exhibition-booth at a trade-show.


Mary:      Hello, Lucy. how are yoy?

Lucy:       What can I do for you?

Mary:      I have got some problems. Our Company setting up an exhibition-booth at a trade show to be held tomorrow moirning. But do not have a phone line at our booth.

Lucy:       Did you request a phone-line while filling the reservation-from?

Marry:     Yes, I did.

Lucy:       Ok. I will send someone over there manage a phone-line for you.page business Free Business English lesson for Corporate People of BD

Marry:     We also need an additional electrical outlet for a video-display.

Lucy:       There is a small metal plate on the floor inside the booth. Just lift up that plate. You will find two more electrical outlets there.

Mary:      I see.

Lucy:       Is there anything else I can do for you?

Mary:      Just one more thing. Can we begin displaying our exhibits a bit earlier tomorrow morning?

Lucy:       The trade-show will start at 10 o’clock. So, you cannot display your goods before 10 p’clock.

Mary:      That is right. we shall reach there in time.

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