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Free Business English lesson 2

This free business English lesson 2 is  for the professionals who are Business men, entrepreneur  and employees of different government and non-government organizations. They are sometimes searching this type of lesson. Our today’s Business English is to lead their business as well as corporate life. This course is based on business related speaking.

Business English Course Free Business English Course for professionals of BD

A Job-Interview


Matthew is applying for the job of a copywrite at sound Tech Inc. He is meeting Lucy, the Marketing Manager.


Lucy:       Matthew, give me a few details about  you last job.

Matthew: I would write materials for press-releases trade publications and for inter promotions.

Lucy:       Then, why did you leave your job?

Matthew: The company started reducing its employ

Lucy:       What prompted you to koin sound Tech?

Matthew: As your company also deals in the same products, I thought it would be better join your company.

Lucy:       I think you are deeply interested in professional growth.

Matthew: Definitely. My last employer was interest only in selling cheap products. But you company is interested in high quality. So will enable me to grow professionally.

Market Research


Tom is meeting Lucy to discuss the market. research’ recently conducted by their company.


Lucy:       We have just carried out a survey of both the consumers and the retailers, regarding our future Sound-Car4ds.

Tom:       Did you get a good response from the survey? Did you visit them personally call them to your office?

Lucy:       Well, we called the consumers to our office and found that some of them were  more interested in the sound-cards.

Tom:       How did the retailers respond to the survey.

Lucy:       They felt that the Sound-Cards were a  big expensive.

Tom:       What is your opinion?

Lucy:       I think the plan to launch the new Sound-Cards is good move provided we are to satisfy both the consumers and retailers.

Tom:       You are absolutely right. We should think aboiut cheaper Sound-Cards.

Lucy:       Yes. They want low prices. Added to this, the Sound-Cards must be reliable.


An Advertising-plan

unnamed Free Business English Course for professionals of BD


Lucy the Marketing Manager, is talking to Matthew, the copywriter, about their advertising-plan.


Lucy:       We want to adopt the most suitable marketing-mix to reach our business-target.

Matthew: Certainly. By adopting suitable marketing mix, we can sell our products in the best possible way.

Lucy:       Would you like to throw light on the selection of an appropriate means of mass communication?

Matthew: Well, taking into account the products we want to launch, I have prepared advertising material to be displayed on the Internet and in computer-magazines.

Lucy:       Will this advertising plan be focused entirely on computer-users?

Matthew: Yes. Moreover, We shall have advertising boardings and newspaper-ads to create brand recognition.

Lucy: Will there be any Direct mail?

Matthew: No, that will not be appropriate for manufactures like us. We shall leave that to the little retailers.

Lucy:       Good point. please prepare a more detailed report and I will forward it to the higher authorities.

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