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This Free best presentation Tips are based on the secrets of the best Presenter of the world Barack Obama, the unparalleled king of presentation world. Giving presentation in public place as well as in any corporate sector is very challenging and this skill can make you different together with stand out from the crowd.

Public Speaking Tips Free Best Presentation Tips

From the students of private University we get asked the same question many times-Help, I’ve got a presentation coming up next week and don’t know what to do.

Don’t worry!!!

This Free best presentation Tips will help you in this respect. Do you want to attract your audience? Do you want to impress everyone? Do you want to be their crowd& gossip topic in every sphere of their lives?

Then you have to learn presentation skill like the world class presenter. eg. Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, Mr. Martin Luther King (Jr), Carmine Gallo, Shahrukh Khan and Mir Afsar Ali(Mirakkel).


Let’s start 7 secrets of the presentation of Barack Obama.images2 Free Best Presentation Tips


President Barack Obama has earned an international status for being a great presenter. How does he do it? Was he born in this way? Is he natural? I believe he has great skill but these are learnt skills. In fact anyone can learn how to be a great public speaker. You may not end up in exactly like Barack Obama when you speak. That’s alright. You need your own style but I’m going to show you the secrets of how he speaks effectively and the secrets of how you can speak the way he does using the exact same methods so that you can surpass every presentation you give.


Nervous speakers speak too quickly, they rush. The problem is they’re appeared to be nervous that way. What’s Barack Obama’s secret? He speaks slowly. He puts him pauses.


Great speakers understand you can’t just talk about policies and philosophies in order to connect with an audience you have to reveal the personal. That’s why shall Barack Obama really tells people entirely details about his family life and growing up.


Great speakers comprehend the importance of smiling in front of their audiences. Barack Obama does exactly what and Bill Clinton did. Using a smile not just the beginning but as punctuation throughout the presentation and in reaction to the audience.


All of us move our hands when we speak except we’re nervous. So when we stand up to give our presentation, it’s typically freezing our hands. Barack Obama knows you can do that, you look natural and look confident. It’s not enough to hold a lectern, its not enough to just move your hand mechanically. We hate us so well. He moves his hand in a completely natural way so that it augments his message.


Abstraction is the enemy of all public speakers. He’s always specific. He gives specific concrete example. He doesn’t just say security…. He breaks it down so that you can see it, feel it, taste it, touch it.


The number one secret all great communicators understand is this in order to really communicate with an audience you must tell a story. Barack Obama does a great type of this. Listen to him tell the story to make his point. He introduces real people, real problems, and real emotions, very specific. That’s why you can see it, feel it, taste it, touch it, understand it and remember it.


It’s not enough to talk about facts, message, and points from your perspective. It’s not even enough to talk about facts from your audiences’ perspective. Great speakers realize you have to evoke the feelings that your audience has. Barack Obama does that right here.


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