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This online free business English course is especially designed for the professionals who are Business men and employees of different government and non-government organizations. They are sometimes in need of Business English basically to lead their business as well as corporate life. This course is based on business related speaking and writing especially different type of business commercials. In Bangladesh Business English become more popular.


Best business english course online free Free Best business english course online for Bangladesh Lesson 1

Business English course

Let’s learn some business related spoken English based on conversation…


Opening a New Company


Business English basically to lead their business Free Best business english course online for Bangladesh Lesson 1Mr. Steve is opening a new company, named Creative Inc. He has hired Rebeka to be the Marketing Manager of his company. Currently, they are talking about a variety of business tactics.

Steve:            Let us analysis our preliminary strategy to establish this new company. When do you feel we be able to shift into our new office?

Rebeka:         Well, we can move any time after July. But Moving in and actually getting started are two different possessions.

Steve:            Good point. Besides, will you help me purchase the most up-to-date equipment?

Rebeka:         Why not? I have gained realistic experience of both marketing and financial operations.

Steve:            There should be no setback, then. I am also looking forward to reading you marketing plan. When will you hand it over to me?

Rebeka:         By the next Monday. By the way, have you begun to investigate factories?


Steve:            Yes, I have started and I have found some people for the research and development (R and D) rationale. By the way, should an artist be hired to devise the logo of our company?

Rebeka:         There is no need to hire an artist right now. There are millions of logos to choose from.

Steve:            You are completely right.

Discussing R and D


Mr. Steve and Rebeka are discussing the significance of R and D in relation to the expansion of their company.

Steve:            Our Company aims at achieving the highest position in technology and in quality. What do you suggest we should do to reach these goals?

Rebeka:         Undoubtedly, research and development go a long way in making our business run smoothly.

Steve:            I agree with you. But our investors may notice R and D Costs, as money spent without the possibility of an immediate return.

Rebeka:         We shall have to make them realize the proper R and D will enable a new produce to run smoothly in the market.

Steve:            I see. We cannot rely on old ideas. Shall we have to keep pack with competitors?

Rebeka:         True. The first people we need to sell products are not the consumers, but investors.

Steve:            So, we should formulate a good plan showing how the money will be spent and how our goals and expectations will be fulfilled.


Rebeka:         It sounds all right. We shall have to show them that we have knowledgeable people to do every job.

Steve:            You are entirely correct.



Rebeka, the Marketing Manager at Creative Inc., meeting Steve, her Boss, They are talking about Wilson the CEO of a Management-Recruitment organization.

Steve:            As we are a fresh, we do not have expertise to compete with our competitors.

Rebeka:         What do you suggest, then?

Steve:            We need capable managers who know how to excel in this field despite rigid competition.

Rebeka:         That is quite indispensable, especially in the computer-industry.

Steve:            I also personally feel that a very rigid Management System will not work wonders for our company.

Rebeka:         Well, that concept may help you attract people.

Steve:            I think your friend, Mr Wilson, will help start a recruitment-drive.

Rebeka:         Certainly. It is good time too. Several firms have been reducing their employees.

Steve:            It means there should be a number of capable people who may be interested in joining other firms. You had better contact your friend at once.

Rebeka:         Do not worry; I shall get in touch with him right now.

We try to update lesson 2 as soon as possible so stay with us thank you.


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