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The second lesson of free online English spoken lesson is based on making sentences, conversations and how to gather ideas for topic and pair practice. After going abroad, we have to communicate with others in English. Spoken English is must over there. So this English spoken second lesson through online as well as free is an amusing endowment for any second language learner.

Present continuous Tense

english spoken here English spoken lessons with examples for BD Lesson 2 (Present continuous Tense)

1. To express an activity that is happening now.

Don’t turn the TV off. I’m watching it.

2. To express a temporary activity.

I’m living with friends until I find a place of my own.

3. To express a planned future arrangement.

I’m having lunch with Himel tomorrow.





Now Make Sentences and Speak Loudly…



















Conversation Practice (Staying at a Hotel)

Tourist          :    Good Morning. Have you any room vacant?

Receptionist  :    Yes, Sir. Single or Double?

Tourist          :    I want one double.

Receptionist  :    I have a double room on the 3rd floor.

Tourist          :   Oh! But I want to have on the 2nd floor or the5th floor.

Receptionist  :   Let me see is I can … I’m sorry, Sir. There’s no double room vacant at the moment either on the 2nd or on 5th floor. But I wonder if you could wait till the checkout time. I’ll have two vacancies then. Could I book one of the rooms for you in advance, sir?

Tourist          :   Yes, I don’t mind waiting for an hour or so. What’s your checkout time?

Receptionist  :   It’s 12 noon, and it’s already quarter past eleven. So you’ll have to wait for less than an hour sir.

Tourist          :   How come? My watch shows ten minutes to eleven! That means there’s more than an hour to go. I’m not going to wait…..

Receptionist  :   I’m afraid your watch is a little too slow, sir. My watch makes 11.20 now. I set the time only a few minutes before you come in.

Tourist          :   Oh, dear. There’s something wrong with my wrist watch. You’re right. I’ll wait for some time.

Receptionist  :   Thank you, sir. Would you like to take a seat on the sofa over there?

Tourist          :   Oh, but I don’t know about the facilities you provide here.

Receptionist  :   Don’t worry about that, sir. Here’s a brochure giving all the information about the hotel.

Tourist          :    Thank you, young lady.

Situational Handy English

Being A Tourist

1. You can’t find the town centre in Dhaka. What do you ask someone?

Excuse me, could you tell me how to get to the town centre?

2 How do you ask for the Tourist Information centre?

Excuse me, could you tell me where the Tourist information Centre is?

3. Someone asks you for directions. What do you say?

I’m afraid i can’t help you. I’m a stranger here myself.

4. You need a toilet. What do you ask someone?

Excuse me; are there any public toilets near here?

5. Someone asks you how long you’re staying. How do you say you’re on a day trip? I’m just here for the day.

6. You decide to stay overnight but don’t want to spend too much. What do you ask at the Tourist Information?

Could you please recommend a reasonable priced hotel?

7. Ask the distance to the hotel.

How far is it from here?

8. Ask how to get there

Could you give me directions, please?

9. He tells you the address but you’d like it on a piece of paper. What do you ask?

Could you write it down for me, please?

10. How do you ask a travel agent about holidays in Paris?

Could you give me some information about holidays in Paris, please?



1. If you think you are going the right way, you could check by asking Excuse me, is this the right way to the town centre?

3. Reasonably priced means not too expensive, but not cheap (which night be poor quality)

3. Remember that you go by car, bus, train, plane or ship, but on foot.

Pair Practice

  1. What is your (full) name?
  2. Describe your family.
  3. Who is your favorite person in your family?
  4. Which one is better – Nuclear family or Extended family?
  5. Where is your home district?
  6. What languages can you speak?
  7. What subject would you like to study in future?
  8. Where do you live?
  9. What are your future plans?
  10. Who is your role model?

What do you do first in the day? What do you do next? Number the activities in the correct order for you.


have lunch have dinner
have  a shower watch television
go to work get up
have breakfast read a book
start work go to bed
go home leave home
get dressed  and who are there already


If you miss our first Lesson. You can see our first lesson :  Online english spoken lessons with examples for Bangladesh

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