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Best Pronunciation Tips

This phonetics lesson is about stress. This phonetics lesson will help you to utter BBC standard pronunciation.This pronunciation tips will help you to understand BBC, CNN and IELTS Speaking.


Stress: Stress means an extra force used when pronouncing a particular word or syllable. Stress can be divided into two:

     1. Word stress        2. Sentence stress

        What is word Stress: When a word has more then are syllable one of them in pronounced with more force the rest. This force is regarded as word stress.

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       Characteristics of stress:   1. Loudness   2. Length    3. Pitch change

    Types of word stress: There are mainly two types of stress.

            a. Primary stress          b. Secondary stress

Note: Primary stress is important, but Secondary stress is less important.


How to find out stress:

 Rules 1: Shewa never appears within a stressed syllable, as it is unstressed by nature.


 Rules 2 : Every monosyllabic word is stressed but no stress mark is given on it.


 Rules 3: Most of the common two syllable nouns and adjectives have stress on the first syllable.


 Rules 4: Words that can be used wither as a noun or a verb has two types of stresses.

                 A noun has stress or the first syllable.

                 A verb has stress on the second syllable.

     Example:  Police , to police

 Rules 5 : In two syllable verbs, stress is always on the strong syllable.

                     Initial position: Centre, equal, open

                       Final position: assist aback, arrive


Rules 6: In three syllable verbs, if the final syllable is strong then it will be stressed e.g. entertain, ascertain.


 Rules 7: In abbreviations the first letter contains secondary stress and the last one contains primary stress.


e.g.      S.S.C – Secondary school certificate

                        H.S.C – Higher secondary certificate

                        BBA – Bachelor of Business administration

                        MBA – Master of Business Administration

                        B.BC – British Broadcasting Corporation

                        C.N.N – Cable news network


 Rules 8: Acronym always takes primary stress on the first syllable.


e.g.      IELTS – International English language Testing system

                        TOEFL – Test of English as a foreign Language

                        TESOL – Teaching English to Speakers of Other Language


Rules 9: Acronym always takes primary stress on the first syllable.

 Rules 10: Acronym always takes primary stress on the first syllable.

Sentence stress

There are two type of words :

     i)  Content Words

     ii) Structure Words

Content Words




Main Verb

w/h Word

Negative auxiliaries

Make stress


Utter more clearly

Structure Words





Auniliary Verb

Utter quickly


Use weak forms

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  2. Thank you for your comment! You may well be right about the lip ronuding aspect but the impact is so minimal it has little pedagogic value. Interesting research topic, though.

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  7. Hello! I have a question about your trltsaiteranion tool.Why does it not correctly give me the Hangul for ssang bieup or ssang digeut? I use your program all the time but this really made things a bit hard for me. I type in things like bbae but it gives me this ㅂ배. Please let me know if I’m doing something wrong.-Annelise :]

  8. if you look at the middle of the page, you can see the taebls of how the jamo should be written for this tool. For ssang bieup , it’s pp , for ssang digeut , tt . This is following a Korean government document rule book.

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