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Five Tips of Great Presentations

This Free best five presentation Tips are based on the secrets of the best Presenter of the world Steve Jobs, the king of presentation world.These five Great presentation tips will add a new value in your presentation skill.Persuasive presentation scripts contain five common tips. Think about incorporating each of these components before you open the presentation program, whether you work in PowerPoint, Keynote, or any other design software. Some of these concepts will be explored in more detail later, but for now keep them in mind as you develop your ideas.

communication presentation skills home Best 5 Presentation Tips HEADLINE

What is the one big idea you want to leave with your audience? I should be short (140 characters or less), memorable, and written in the subject-verb-object sequence. When Steve jobs unveiled the iPhone, he exclaimed, Today apple reinvents the phone!” That’s a headline. Headlines grab the attention of your audience and give people a listen. Read USA Today for ideas. Here are some examples from America’s most popular daily newspaper:

Apple’s Skinny Mac book is Fat with Features”

Apple Unleashes Leopard Operating System”

Apple Shrinks iPod”


Aristotle, the father of public speaking, believed that successful speakers must have pathos or passion for their subject. Very few communicators express a sense of excitement about their topic. Steve joss exudes an almost giddy enthusiasm every time he presents. Former employees and even some journalists have claimed that they found his energy and enthusiasm completely mesmerizing. Spend a few minutes developing a passion statement by filling in the following sentence: I am excited about this product [company initiative, feature, etc.] because it ……………….”Once you have identified the passion statement, don’t be bashful –share it.



Now that you have decided on your headline and passion statement, write out the three messages you want your audience to receive. They should be easily recalled without the necessity of looking at notes. Although Scene 5 is dedicated to this subject, for now keep in mind that your listeners can recall only three or four points in short- term memory. Each of the key messages will be followed by supporting points.

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As you develop key messages and supporting points, decide on which rhetorical devices will make your narrative more engaging. According to Aristotle, metaphor is “the most important thing by far. A metaphor –a word or phrase that denotes one thing and is used to designate another for purposes of comparison –is a persuasive tool in the best marketing, advertising, and public relations campaigns. jobs uses metaphors in convert- What a computer is to me is the most remarkable tool that we have ever come up with. It’s the equivalent of a bicycle for our minds.

Sales professionals are fond of sports metaphors: “We’re all playing for the same team,

This isn’t scrimmage, its for real ‘metaphors work fine, challenge yourself to break away from what your audience expects. I came across an interesting metaphor for a new antivirus suite of applications from Kaspersky. The company ran full-page ads (the one I saw was in USA Today) that showed a dejected medieval soldier in a full suit of armor walking away, with his back toward the reader. The headline read, Don’t be so sad. You were very good once upon a time, The metaphor compared today’s Internet security technologies (Kaspersky,s competitors) to slow, cumbersome medieval armor, which of course is no match for today’s military technology. The company extended the metaphor to the website with an image of a suit of armor and the same tagline. The metaphor was consistent throughout the company’s marketing material.

Analogies are close cousins of metaphors and also are very effective. An analogy is a comparison between two different things in order to highlight some area of similarity. Analogies help us understand concepts that might be foreign to us.”The microprocessor is the brain of your computer” is an analogy that works well for companies such as Intel. In many ways, the chip serves the same function in the computer as brain serves in a human. The chip and the brain are two different things with like features. This particular analogy is so useful that it is widely picked up by the media. When you find a strong analogy that works stick with it and make it consistent across your presentations, website, and marketing material. Jobs likes to have fun with analogies, especially if they can be apple to Microsoft. During an interview with the Wall Street journal’s Walt Massberg, jobs pointed out that many people say iTunes is their favorite application for Windows. It’s like giving a glass of ice water to someone in hell!”


jobs shares the spotlight with employees, partners, and products. Demos make up a large part of his presentations. When Jobs unveiled a new version of the OS operating system, code-named Leopard, at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (commonly abbreviated WWDC, the annual conference is an Apple event to showcase new software and technologies) in June 2007, he said Leopard had three hundred new features. He chose ten to discuss and demonstrate, including Time Machine (automated backup), Boot Camp (runs Windows XP and Vista on Mac) , and stacks (file organization).Instead of simply listing the features the audience how they worked. He also chose the features he wanted the press to highlight. Why leave it to the media to decide which of three hundred new features were the most compelling? He would tell them.

Does your product lend itself to a demonstration? If so, script it into the presentation. Your audience wants to see, touch, and experience your product or service. Bring it to life,.

I worked with Goldman Sachs investors to prepare the CEO of a Silicon Valley semiconductor start –up that was about to go public. The company shrinks chips that create audio sound for mobile computers. As we were planning the investor presentation, the CEO pulled out a chip the size of a fingernail and said, You wouldn’t believe up the volume on his laptop and played music that impressed those of us who were in the room .It was a no brainer to use the same demonstration (with a more dramatic buildup) when the executive pitched the company to investors. The IPO went on to become a huge success. An investor who had underwritten the company later called me and said, I don’t know what you did, but the CEO was a hit. I didn’t have the heart to say that I stole the idea from the Steve jobs playbook.

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