Nov 262013

10 Essential Presentation Skills for BD Student

This Essential Presentation Skills lesson is based on some special tips for improving your Corporate Presentation as well as the presentation in your private university. Giving presentation in public place as well as in any corporate sector is very challenging and this skill can make you different together with stand out from the crowd.So learning expression is very important to learn.

On the Presentation Magazine Forum we get asked the same question many times – “Help, I’ve got a presentation coming up next week and don’t know what to do.”

In this survival guide we highlight the three skills that YOU MUST KNOW before your next presentation.

They are tried and tested and make it very easy to improve your performance.Presentation Tips 300x200 10 Essential Presentation Skills for BD student

Essential Presentation Skills - the three things YOU MUST KNOW.

Here we expose the three essential pieces of information that can make your presentation fly.

Most of these are common sense, but you’d be surprised how often they are missed out.

The Three Presentation Essentials

- Use visual aids where you can

- Rehearse, rehearse, and rehearse

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Nov 232013

Best Pronunciation Tips

This phonetics lesson is about stress. This phonetics lesson will help you to utter BBC standard pronunciation.This pronunciation tips will help you to understand BBC, CNN and IELTS Speaking.


Stress: Stress means an extra force used when pronouncing a particular word or syllable. Stress can be divided into two:

     1. Word stress        2. Sentence stress

        What is word Stress: When a word has more then are syllable one of them in pronounced with more force the rest. This force is regarded as word stress.

study of english stress and intonation 2 1220792289796969 9 thumbnail 4 300x225 Best Pronunciation Tips

       Characteristics of stress:   1. Loudness   2. Length    3. Pitch change

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Nov 212013

How to make conversation?

This  English spoken lesson is about how to make conversation.For developing your spoken fluency as well as communication skill, this online English spoken lesson plays a significant role.Learning spoken English is now a fascination for the students of Bangladesh.

 How to make conversation?Staying at a Hotel


Tourist          :    Good Morning. Have you any room vacant?

Receptionist :    Yes, Sir Double or Single?

Tourist          :    I want one double.

Receptionist  :    I have a double room on the 2nd floor.

Tourist          :    Oh! But I want to have one one the ground floor or the first floor.

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Nov 212013

English Spoken Lesson and Easy Tips for BD and Asian Student

This online English spoken lesson and easy tips for BD and Asian Student is about introducing yourself. For developing your English spoken fluency as well as solving problems of mumbling & stammering, this online English spoken lesson plays a significant role.Learning spoken English is now a fascination for the students of Bangladesh.This online English spoken lesson will help to present yourself in front of the audience perfectly.

Tell 100 Sentences About Yourself

(Part – 1)

1) Name: My full name is _____. You can call me _____.
2) Home district: The name of my home district is _____. It’s famous for _____. I love my home district very much because it is a place of natural beauty and tranquility.
3) Residence: I have been living in Dhaka since my birth / for….. years. It’s the capital city of Bangladesh.
4) Educational Background: I’ve graduated from ______ University in the Dept. of _____. Before that, I did my pre schooling and schooling from ______ School and college from ______.

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Nov 142013

Phonetics Easy Tips for BD Students

(Consonant Sounds)

This phonetics lesson is about sounds for the students of Bangladesh as well as Asian. This phonetics lesson will help you to utter BBC standard pronunciation.Read the Passage Loudly.

phonetics2 300x221 Phonetics Easy Tips for BD Students

Read the Passage Loudly


A smart phone is a mobile phone built on a mobile operating system, with more advanced computing capability and connectivity than a feature phone. The first smart phone combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) with a mobile phone. Later models added the functionality of portable media players, low-end compact digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and GPS navigation units to form one multi-use device. Modern smart phones also include high-resolution touch screens and web browsers that display standard web pages as well as mobile-optimized sites. High-speed data access is provided by Wi-Fi and Mobile Broadband. The most common mobile operating systems (OS) used by modern smart phones include Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, Nokia’s Symbian, RIM’s BlackBerry OS, Samsung’s Bada, Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Such operating systems can be installed on many different phone models, and typically. Using smart phone is not show off; it is a demand of this modern age. People think, in Asia it will be more popular than other countries of the world.

Pronunciation Guidelines


page • pain • paint • paper • parallel • parcel • part • past • paste • payment • peace • pen • pencil • person • physical • picture • pig • pin • pipe • place • plane • plant • plate • play • please • pleasure • plough/plow • pocket • point • poison • polish • political • poor • porter • position • possible • pot • potato • powder • power • present • price • print • prison • private • probable • process • produce • profit • property • prose • protest • public • pull • pump • punishment • purpose • push • put

Poly put purple paint in the pool.

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